Top Reasons To Choose Modular Construction For Gas Plants

Even though many refinery owners choose the conventional field construction for their gas plants, modular construction (off-site) provides a series of advantages you may not be aware of. Let’s see what the experts from AmeriSource Energy say.

Modular versus field construction

Building a complete facility in less than a year, beginning the construction process while waiting for permits, obtaining low prices and enjoying versatility, all these are the most common reasons why customers choose modular gas plants. Building a traditional facility on site requires work permits, and unscheduled delays may occur due to bad weather conditions. That is why building a complete modular process unit can be done much faster and save months for both owner and workers. Most engineering and design activities take place in the beginning of the project, so the entire work should be completed in about 8 months.

Field constructions require work permits which are difficult to obtain and can delay the building process for several months. Offsite constructions, however, can be initiated before receiving work permits, and this makes them a significant time saver. Moreover, modular constructions can provide a cost reduction of up to 25% as opposed to field units.

Field constructions may also face the problem of a new gas plant being built near them, and that proximity can lead to safety risks, production interruption and potential hazards, so modular constructions are the ideal solution for minimal plant site interruption. Modular units are also versatile, as they can be placed both inside of a building and outdoors, but the decision is yours entirely.